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Reese in his workshop

Reese Williams: Musical instrument maker, specializing in the restoration of Baroque Period instruments

I emphasize repair and restoration which removes limitations to the musicianship of my clients.  My greatest pleasure is bringing an instrument back to life, restoring a soaring voice and adapting instruments to the personality and playing style of each musician.


Patience, persistence, attention to detail, inventiveness, and willingness to experiment with sound quality as needed are hallmarks of my craft.​​

Training and Experience

I earned a Baccalaureate of Science degree, summa cum laude, from The Ohio State University and a Masters of Forestry from the University of North Carolina.  That provided a foundation in sciences essential to musical instruments.  The Art and Craft were added during a three year course of study at The Lutherie, in New York under the guidance of Robert Meadow, Master Lute & Violin maker.  After completion of the course, I remained on as his assistant.  Several years later, I began my own studio associated with Mr. Peter Jung, Violin Dealer in Stone Ridge, New York. Marriage and career brought me back to my boyhood home in Greater Cleveland where I have been providing musicians with the highest level of craft and service since 1992.

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