Choosing an Instrument that is right for you

Consultations available to help a player find the right combination of instrument characteristics, performance requirements and budget including the following:

  • Level of player
  • Performance venues
  • Teacher input and feedback for student player
  • Comfort of playing
  • Tonal and projection qualities desired
  • Potential of player
  • Potential of instrument with proper adjustments
  • Budget

Collaboration available with teachers to help evaluate student instrument selection.

  • Lion Head Violin
    Lion Head Violin
  • Lion Hed Scroll
    Lion Hed Scroll
  • Prescott Scroll
    Prescott Scroll
  • Church Bass Pegbox
    Church Bass Pegbox
  • Guandagnini Viola
    Guandagnini Viola
  • Baroque Conversion
    Baroque Conversion
Lion Head Violin
Lion Head Violin

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